Everyone wants to have clean water in their home, but there may be various contaminants that pose a potential risk to your health. Thankfully, water filtration systems exist to help remove those contaminants so that everyone in your home is drinking clean water. Here are some of the contaminants that a water filtration system can help remove.  


Chlorine is a chemical used to kill bacteria and other pathogens in the water. However, chlorine can leave an odd odor and taste in tap water that you may find unappealing. Since chlorine is often added to municipal water sources, it is difficult to avoid unless you have a water filtration system. Carbon filters can help remove the chlorine and restore the smell and taste of your water.

Heavy Metals

It's possible that copper, arsenic, mercury, and lead are getting into your water without you knowing about it. Lead is common for people that have older galvanized plumbing where the lead leaches into the water, or lead plumbing coming to your home from a municipal water source. Metals are harmful in low concentrations, which is where a water filtration system can help improve the water quality. If you're not sure if you have metal in your water and you have galvanized plumbing, consider having your water tested to see if it is a problem. 


It is difficult to avoid sediment in the water no matter where the water is coming from. Sediment finds its way in from aging pipes, construction work that disrupts the pipes going to your home, and simply not being completely filtered out from a municipal water source. If you ever drained water from your hot water heater, you'll likely be familiar with how much sediment collects at the bottom of the tank. A water filtration system can help trap the sediment so it doesn't reach your faucets. 


Bacteria in your water is not good for the health of the people in your household. It's very possible that people can get extremely ill if bacteria like E. coli are in your water and not removed. While water treatment plants will disinfect water to kill bacteria, it's always possible that it is still in your water. UV sterilization systems can be used to kill bacteria before it reaches your faucets.

Think you're ready for a whole-home water filtration system? Reach out to a contractor in your area that can help you select and install a whole-house water filtration system.