A bay window in your living room or another area of your home can help to add a lot of natural light to the space. This size of this window will likely make it the biggest window in your home, so you'll want to choose wisely when it's time to replace your current bay window with a new one. Window suppliers have all sorts of bay windows available, so you can browse the different designs, evaluate which might look best in your home, and discuss some ideas with a local contractor. Here are three popular bay window shapes that you'll frequently find. 


An angled bay window is arguably the most popular shape of this type of window and is generally what people picture when they think about a bay window. It consists of three sections. The middle piece of glass, which is the biggest, will be parallel to the wall of your home. The other two pieces of glass are angled at roughly 45 degrees, running from the wall of your home to the middle panel of glass. The angled look adds a lot of style to the room. In this design, it's common to be able to open the two angled sections, which can allow a lot of fresh air into your home.


You'll also see bay windows that are described as having a box style. This type of window features three sections, like the angled type, but has a box-like design that gives it its name. Instead of the two side panels being angled, they sit perpendicular to the wall of the home. The large middle panel runs parallel to the wall of the home, creating a bay window that has a square, box-like shape. These windows offer a lot of versatility; while they can work well in certain older homes, they often have a modern style that complements a newer home.


If you want to choose a bay window that looks dramatically different from the above two, consider one that has a round design. This bay window is entirely round. To achieve this shape, it consists of several small glass panels; it doesn't have the large, middle panel that is present in both angled and box bay windows. A round bay window breaks up the straight lines on the exterior of your home, creating visual contrast and adding plenty of style.

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