With all the different rocks available for patio design, it can feel a little overwhelming when you are trying to choose what is best. Flagstone is one of the most popular choices and for good reason. Learning a few facts about flagstone will help you decide if it is the best option for your new patio.

Flagstone is easy to install

Flagstone is one of the easiest stones to install but it can be heavy to work with and is best left to a professional installer if lifting is a problem for you. It does not require mortar for installation, which is a time and money saver. It also does not require cutting for fitting into corners and crevices.

Flagstone is durable

If you do not plan to change the design of your patio in the future, flagstone is a great choice for lasting durability. Its durability means you can install it and not worry about replacing it in the future. Even if you change the color or style of your home's exterior, flagstone will likely match any decorating style or color of your home.

Flagstone can withstand extreme climate changes

If you live in an area where extreme temperature changes are common, flagstone can ease your worries. Some types of rock may be more likely to split or crack under the pressure of temperature changes, which cause the stone to contract or expand due to harsh temperature fluctuations. If you live where summers are extremely hot and winters are harshly cold, flagstone will hold up well.

Flagstone is easy to maintain

All you need to keep flagstone looking beautiful is simple sweeping to remove debris and spraying with a mild cleaning solution or water to remove everyday stains. In the event of an accidental stone break, you can easily remove and replace a single stone without disturbing the rest of your patio design.

Flagstone allows for creativity

With the natural shape and color of flagstone, getting creative with your patio design and style is easy. Whether you hire a contractor or design your own patio, flagstone makes it easy to position the rocks in a variety of ways to create a unique look that you will be proud to call your own. Since the installation does not require the use of mortar, you are free to experiment with several designs before you decide which one you like best.

Choosing flagstone rock for your patio design is a wise decision. Flagstone will match nearly every home design style and will provide plenty of aesthetic value along with practicality. It is also a durable and affordable choice that remains popular among homeowners.

For more information, contact a patio rock seller in your area.