Constructing a new ADU on your property can be an invaluable investment. Here are some of the potential applications to give you an idea of what you could do with an accessory dwelling unit on your property.

1. In-law suite

Having your in-laws come to live with you can sometimes result in clashes of personality. Even if you like your in-laws and enjoy having them visit, having them live in your home could start to feel like an invasion of privacy, especially if your house isn't large. Constructing an accessory dwelling unit for them can help provide more privacy and breathing room for everyone involved.

2. Studio or office

An accessory dwelling unit is typically supposed to be used only for residential purposes, not for commercial or retail use. But that doesn't mean you can't designate it as your studio if you're an artist or writer who works from home.

Or, if you have a home business, you could use it as your home office area, with the freestanding building giving you even more privacy than an office inside your main living area would. Either way, this type of construction project can be invaluable to your home business or your artistic career.

3. Rental or guest room

Guests will feel pampered if you provide them with a freestanding guest room. In addition to providing privacy, a private unit can provide a luxurious guest experience as well as an undeniable charm.

You can also use the building as a rental unit when you don't have guests over. You can use it as an overnight vacation rental, or even as a longer-term rental as a tiny house if it has everything it needs for a tenant to live long-term (such as a kitchen and full bathroom).

4. Storage area

If you have a hobby that takes up too much space in your main living areas right now, you could use an accessory dwelling unit to move the activities and storage shelving out of your living room so you aren't constantly tripping over it.

If you have too many bookshelves, for example, constructing an accessory dwelling unit to house them can provide you a cozy library and reading room. You'll be able to store all your books without making your family feel claustrophobic from the bookshelves closing in on them.

5. Gym or rehearsal space

A freestanding room or suite can also be invaluable if you need a space for exercise or practice purposes. For example, you could use the ADU as your own private gym, or set up mirrors around the walls and use it to practice your ballet skills.

Now that you've realized all the different things you can use an ADU for, you may want to build one right away. Get in touch with your local ADU construction contractors today to discuss your next ADU project, but make sure you check local regulations for how many you're allowed to build on the property and any other restrictions.

For more information, contact a local company, like Integrum Construction.