With a commercial building, you want flooring that looks great but that is also easy to take care of. Luckily, there are numerous low-maintenance flooring options that you can choose for your building.

Option #1: Polished Concrete

If you have an industrial building or a retail building, polished concrete can be a great choice. Concrete is affordable to install, both when it comes to the cost of the product as well as the cost of the labor.

With polished concrete, you can lay down the concrete or work with the concrete you already have. Special substances are added to the concrete to harden it, and then the concrete is polished using a grinder before it is sealed. You can change the color of the concrete to match your business.

Concrete is excellent as it can withstand and traffic and only needs to be swept and spot cleaned regularly and deep cleaned a few times a year.

Option #2: Epoxy

An epoxy flooring system starts with a concrete base. Then, a coating of epoxy is applied to the floor. The epoxy coating is easy to apply to the concrete, assuming it is clean. If the concrete is not clean, it will need a little work to get it ready for the epoxy. The epoxy coating is strong and is designed to be abrasion and chemical resistant.

It needs to be taken care of the same way as polished concrete; a little sweeping and spot cleaning and a few deep cleans a year.

Option #3: Carpet Tile

Another option is to put down carpet tile. With carpet tile, you are not putting down a big, connected piece of carpet; instead, you are literally putting down squares of carpet. These carpet squares are easy to apply and put in place and can be applied over most surfaces. If a piece of the carpet is ever ruined, you only have to remove the ruined square, not the entire carpet, making it low maintenance.

Option #4: Quarry Tile

Another option to consider is quarry tile. It is very durable and long-lasting. It comes in squares that you can put down next to one another to create solid flooring. The one downside to quarry tile is that it only comes in a few natural earth tone colors, such as tan, gray, and red. Once again, just a little sweeping and mopping is all that it needs to look great.

If you want a commercial flooring option that will be easy to take care of, polished concrete, epoxy coating, carpet tile, and quarry tile are four strong choices you should consider.