If you are budgeting for a custom bathroom remodel, why not also integrate some design choices that make it easier to clean? This way, your new bathroom will be easier to maintain.

1. Install Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Skip the frame on your shower doors. Frames create a bunch of little nooks and crannies that only serve to catch dirt, build up mineral scale, and trap moisture that leads to mold growth. A frameless glass shower door can be quickly wiped clean with nothing more than a squeegee or a lint-free cloth and a bit of glass cleaner, which makes it much easier to maintain compared to the alternatives.

2. Go for Large Tiles and Little Grout

Grout can be the bane of any clean bathroom. It tends to develop stains or grow mildew, so it needs to be thoroughly scrubbed down at regular intervals. Large floor tiles mean that there is less need for grout scrubbing. Large, durable tiles only require periodic mopping to remain clean, especially if you have the grout sealed against staining. You can even opt for a solid flooring material, like polished concrete or vinyl, and skip out on the grout entirely.

3. Avoid Detailed Trim and Baseboards

Don't put ornate baseboards or cabinet trims in the bathroom if you want to easily clean these areas. Although detailed and decorative trim can be attractive, it traps dust and moisture. The result is dingy trim that needs to be carefully wiped down by hand on a weekly basis. Instead, opt for sleek baseboard options, such as wrap-around floor tiles that create a seamless curve onto the lower wall.

4. Choose a Solid Backsplash and Surround

The backsplash behind the sink and the surround around the tub or shower is supposed to make cleaning easier because you won't have to deal with dirty paint or wallpaper. Unfortunately, these backsplashes and surrounds are often made of small tiles and lots of grout, which means lots of grout scrubbing. Instead, opt for a solid material that is cut to fit the space so it has no grout. Corian, for example, has the beauty of tile but requires no grout, so it can be simply wiped clean.

5. Put In a Wall Mounted Toilet

One of the more difficult places to clean in the average bathroom is around the toilet. You can skip this area completely by having a sleek wall-mounted toilet installed, instead of the traditional floor-mounted version. Not only will you skip needing to clean the crannies around the base of the toilet, but you can also more easily sweep and clean beneath and behind the bowl.

Contact a custom bathroom remodeling contractor to learn more about easy-clean options.