Welders and welding contractors are able to work for manufacturing companies as regular employees or work as freelance contractors and consultants. If you are a welder, there are probably some things you have experienced and enjoy with both types of welding employment, but maybe you wish there was something more. There are welding contractor union recruitment meetings all over the country, and every one is looking to add good welders to its union ranks. Here is why you should join a welder's union if you are a welder. 

Bargaining for Better Pay

Most welders make decent wages, but what if you could make more? What could you do with your welding business then? More importantly, if you are a welder working as a regular employee of a factory or industry, you can look to your union to bargain for better wages, better hours, and better benefits packages. 

Getting the Best Jobs and the Best Contracting Bids

Unions will give its members the heads up on upcoming jobs and contractor bids so that its members get first crack at those jobs and those bids. If that sounds like something of interest to you, and you want to have a more competitive edge in your field, the union can help you accomplish that. If you are fairly new to the welding industry, and you just got your welder's license, a union membership can give your career the big boost it needs to get started. 

Resolving Issues Between You and Your Employers or Clients

You have more power and legal backing when you join a union. If an employer is reneging on your contract or a client is attempting to sue, the union can provide you with legal advice, assistance, and referrals to legal counsel that can help defend your position in the event of a lawsuit. As a member of the union, you represent the union, and therefore the union does its best to represent and defend you in return. This would not be quite so easy if you were not a member of the union, as you would have to either suck it up with your employer, take on your employer on your own, or secure your own lawyer if you were being sued by a client. 

The Membership Fees Are Worth It

A lot of people do not like unions because of membership dues and costs. However, what you would get out if is worth what you pay into it. Ask the union recruiter what the fees are and what these costs typically cover. 

For more information about welding contractor union recruitment, contact a local company such as UA Local 100.