Revamping your existing grocery store can make the location safer and more inviting, which means people will want to shop there more often. There are three areas you should focus on when remodeling your grocery store.


The first place people will see when they drive up is the parking area. Whenever possible, find more options to expand your existing parking lot. If there are competitors nearby, inadequate parking spaces will quickly drive people elsewhere. Additionally, safety will be a consideration for parking. Customers want well-lit parking spaces, especially if their parking spaces are further away from the store. Avoid large trees and shrubs around the perimeter of the parking lot. Although more greenery can be attractive in the daylight, it becomes a hazard at night. In localities where frozen precipitation is a realistic threat during the colder months, asphalt is a better option for parking since it retains heat better than other materials. This can reduce the amount of snow or ice that develops, and it will melt faster.

Open Floor Plans

Creating more open space inside the grocery store can be an inviting feature and gives customers more room to move around, especially when they have shopping carts. Depending on the types of food you have at your store, there may be specific areas where you are more likely to keep the floor plan open. For example, the meat, deli, produce, and bakery areas are where you want more space. This floor plan can make these areas more appealing, and customers will want to look at the fresh produce or freshly baked breads. When you have the extra space, it is better to have your items more spread-out instead of relying on tall shelving. A common nuisance problem is having items high on shelves where they may be inaccessible to customers.

Checkout Lanes

Your checkout lanes are the last step in the shopping process, but they can affect how customers perceive your store and whether they return. Most stores, even large mass merchandisers, rarely have all their checkout lanes open at once, so it can be helpful to consider widening the lane to make them more comfortable. As a space-saving feature, you can have mobile check-out stations for people with a few items. The mobile station can be moved around as needed, such as during times of year when you suddenly have more people shopping. Similarly, self-checkout stations are increasingly popular because they can reduce the burden on cashiers, especially during peak times.

When your grocery store needs an update, there are specific areas that should be first on your list. Focusing on a modern look, comfort, and convenience will make your remodeling project successful. For more information, contact local commercial remodeling contractors.