If you are noticing large cracks on the outside walls of your foundation above the ground before the siding starts, and you worry that the structure of your home has been compromised, you want to talk with a concrete contractor right away. There are a lot of problems that could be caused by water and the earth moving around the foundation, and you don't want to ignore these problems for a second. Instead, talk with the foundation professionals and look into these different solutions to get answers and solutions to the problems.

Repair Damages

The more important thing to do first is to repair the damages that are currently affecting the foundation. All cracks need to be filled in, and areas that are severely compromised may have to be replaced. Talk with the foundation repair experts to find out what the best repair options are, the time it will take to do the work, and how much it's going to cost.

Replace Backfill

You should talk about the replacing the backfill around your home. The backfill is supposed to stop water from getting around the foundation. You may need to have more gravel, stone, or sand placed around the foundation of the home, or at least around the sides where the water damage appears to be the worse. The experts may have to trench around the foundation but this is worth the time and expense to prevent flooding in the future.

Look Into Irrigation Options

Water may be pooling around your property because of dips and other concerns around the yard. Talk with a landscaping irrigation professional to see if you need to add some height or irrigation pipes and drains around the property. This way you don't end up with stagnate water or water being directed right around the foundation.

Since the foundation of the home has been altered, you may want to have someone look at the other structural components of your home, to see if there are additional damages that you have to be worried about. This would mean the wood that frames your home, the roof, and even the plumbing needs to be looked at to make sure they haven't shifted and gotten damaged. Talk with the experts to find out if you have serious concerns about the foundation of your home if you think there could be water damage or worse, and to get things fixed right away.