Building up a commercial property can take a lot of time and resources. Many commercial property owners hear about modular solutions, but shy away from them because of many of the pervasive myths that plague the industry. Here's a few facts that should dispel many of the myths you may have heard.

Modular Buildings Aren't Just Mobile Homes or "Portables"

For some reason, many people think modular construction means portable homes and structures. It's true that portable buildings, such as the ones often used on construction sites, do represent one type of modular building. However, the modular industry has grown far, far beyond that.

You can have a fully prefabricated building made of quality materials, and built to International Building Code regulations. It can consist of any number of rooms or compartments, and range to virtually any width or height.

Modular Construction Provides Permanent Solutions

Many assume that modular construction can only create temporary structures, or ones that don't last for long. The truth is that you can have a permanent modular building erected on your commercial property.

People tend to confuse the speed of construction with the permanence of the building. That's because modular buildings often use as temporary housing or shelter after a disaster or emergency.

In such situations, shelter has to come up quickly, and then down when the crisis is over. That doesn't mean those buildings couldn't stand for years. Choosing modular construction will give you a high quality, steel-framed, permanent structure.

Modular Building's Aren't Flimsy or Easily Damaged

You may have an idea in your mind that modular buildings resemble someone's backyard shed. Do you assume they're flimsy, easily dented, and not suitable for anything more than a storage space?

Actually, if you purchased a prefabricated building for that purpose, you could be absolutely right. But when it comes to a permanent prefabricated commercial building, you're getting something altogether different. Permanent modular buildings will sit on a foundation, and can withstand all the same rigors as a site-built building.

Modular Construction Is Here to Stay

Some think that modular construction is something of a fad, or a building method that has limited use. In fact, the modular construction industry continues to grow and expand. Builders are refining techniques and innovating on designs.

More and more people are using prefabricated buildings for their homes and businesses. Schools, office buildings, daycare centers, laboratories, and healthcare centers are springing up all over the place due to this quick construction method. People and businesses have put more and more trust into this construction method, and so should you.