Are you moving into a home in an area for the first time that is hurricane-prone, you may not be aware of the purpose of having impact windows. They are a relatively new concept in window technology, which is why you may have these 3 questions about them.

What Is the Purpose of Having Impact Windows?

The reason to have impact windows in your home is that they have the capability of handling the impact of flying debris that is caused by high winds, or the strength of those high winds themselves. In order to qualify as an impact window, it goes through rigorous testing that involves putting force on the window. Impacts are simulated by launching 2x4s at the glass, or using fans that can simulate hurricane force windows. If the window breaks or the glass shatters, then it cannot be sold as an impact window.

While a damaged window is easy to replace, what you are actually protecting with them is the inside of your home. Hurricane force winds can ravage the interior of your home, damaging many things that would otherwise be safe.

How Do Impact Windows Resist So Much Damage?

The manufacturing of impact windows is handled different than a traditional window, which includes the construction of the glass and the frame. Frames are made using durable, solid materials that won't easily bend, like steel. The window itself also has much more heft to it when compared to a traditional window. Glass construction involves placing an invisible membrane between two layers of glass, which will prevent it from shattering. It's a similar composition that is used in your car's windshield.

How Much Do Impact Windows Cost?

The overall cost of impact windows will depend on the materials used and how big the window is, much like the cost associated for traditional windows. That said, expect to pay around $510 for a standard single hung impact window. If you have a sliding glass door, it can be around $1950 to have. In general, it comes out to approximately $44-$55 per sq. ft.

If you are replacing perfectly functional windows in your home, this can be quite a big cost to pay for. If you are building new construction or replacing aging glass windows, the upgrade to impact windows could be worth it.

For more information on impact windows, reach out to a local window contractor like Leger Siding for assistance. They can help you with window selection and getting a price quote.