Designing a luxury home when you're a fitness lover may seem like two things that don't really go together. But, you can add features to your new home that will help you follow your passion for healthy living. Here are 5 ideas.

Home Gym. Obviously, most fitness gurus want their own personal exercise space in the home. Your home gym should reflect your own personality and what you like to do for exercise. Work with your interior designer to create a space that's conducive to a good workout, including proper flooring, mirrors, entertainment (such as televisions and built-in stereo sound), and good natural lighting to energize your mood.

Indoor Sport. What sports make you the happiest? There are often ways to integrate them right into a luxury home design. What you need more than anything is space. Look for a way to add an oversized sport area -- perhaps two stories tall, on the ground floor, and with lots of sunlight from large windows. You could build a small indoor basketball or racketball court, a putting green (real or virtual), or a crowd-pleasing indoor pool. Talk with your general contractor about the requirements for adding a large-scale sports addition to your home or design plan as early as possible. 

Rooftop Workout. Take your workout outside by adding a fun exercise space outdoors. On nice days, you can do yoga as the sun rises and enjoy a stationary run or ride as it sets. A rooftop gym is best added as part of the home's original layout -- rather than a retrofit -- to ensure that you have everything you need, including electricity, heavy equipment, and a natural entrance, so it's also a good idea to mention this to your contractor as early in the home-building process as possible. 

Yoga Studio. Don't forget to include some ways to relax your body in a healthy way. A yoga studio is a great addition to any high-end home, and can be either included in the original design or added later. You'll want a quiet room in the home, preferably away from public entertaining areas and outside traffic or noise. Decorate your yoga studio in any way that you find personally relaxing.

Spa. After working out, you'll probably enjoy a quiet, healthy way to rejuvenate. A home spa should be located near the workout areas, and it can be as large or as small as you have space for. Start with a sauna, oversized shower, and/or hot tub. Then, decorate with soft, neutral tones and natural (rock, wood, and water) accents for a real spa-like feel.

No matter what type of fitness and activities you like to engage in, you can embrace it within the walls of your own house. The result will surely add years of enjoyment to your life. To learn more, contact a company like Sure-Fire Contracting Inc.