Do you own or manage a company that is in the manufacturing industry? If so, you may not think that the temperature in your work environment is impacting your employees. Perhaps you have had a few situations when some employees complained of the temperature being uncomfortable.

You may view their reports as minor, but uncomfortable temperatures can cause your business to experience a number of issues and impact employees. Often times the culprit for uncomfortable temperatures is related to companies not maintaining their HVAC systems


Some individuals get sick from being in work environments that make them feel uncomfortable. These employees may end up with more absences than their coworkers. It is also possible that they may need to leave work early on a regular basis. 


Employees who are uncomfortable due to extreme temperatures may underperform their jobs. This is because they may be distracted by being too hot or cold. There are some industries that produce products or services and have little room for error. This means that uncomfortable temperatures could impact productivity as well as the final products that customers rely on.


In an ideal work environment, employees are able to enjoy their work days. However, if temperatures are uncomfortable, it is possible that some of your employees may not be amicable. This can mean that the work environment among employees is tense. There might be days when people are grumpy or moody for the duration of their shifts due to being too hot or too cold. 


If your employees are not comfortable when working, they might look for another job. Work conditions play a key role in determining how long some people are willing to stay at their jobs. Perhaps you have noticed that a high number of individuals who are hired quit. This is indicative that employees may find something unpleasant about your company. If you have had multiple reports about employees being too hot or cold, a high turnover rate could be indicative of employees not being able to complete their work in favorable work conditions. 

A commercial HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to learn more ways that your company could improve the comfort of your building regarding issues that are related to the heating or cooling system. They can make repairs such as fixing leaky air ducts. They can also upgrade complete systems or thermostats, which can aid in ensuring consistent temperatures throughout the day.